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First of all, thank you very much for your interest in our online store!

We are two brothers, one of whom lives in Rovaniemi and the other in Iisalmi. We decided to become entrepreneurs and set up an online store at the beginning of July in 2023. After getting familiar with the matter and finding a suitable platform, we decided that this is where it starts!

After thinking and spinning, our idea became clear. We wanted to offer our customers what we ourselves need. Namely, high-quality clothes at a suitable price! And now you have to find all the tilpehöör for that side in the online store.

In Latvia, we found an absolutely amazing partner, who can successfully embroider and print images on any product. In addition, some of our products are made from recycled materials, and it's good for our ball anyway, because each product is made to fit the need. In this way, overproduction can't happen and valuable materials get the purpose they deserve!

But we soon realized that two (+wives) brains are not enough to invent products for all the people. There are a lot of us on the train. This is where you, dear customer, step into the picture! We added a section to our website where our customers can suggest us ideas about products and models that interest them. We then implement them to the best of our ability and put them on sale for everyone to admire!

That's it in a nutshell, thanks for reading this far and happy shopping!

I hope we meet again! 🙂


Sami and Roni

SRDS Finland Oy (Y: 3381401-9)

Poropolku 13 A8 96400 ROVANIEMI

phone: 0469431864

e-mail: SRDSFinland@gmail.com

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