Who are we?

We are two brothers who decided to jump into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship in October 2023!

One of us lives in Rovaniemi and the other in Iisalmi. We still do work on the side, but our dream would be to employ ourselves full-time someday!

That's exactly what we need you for! Tell us your development suggestions and Feedback directly and without embellishment, that's the only way we can develop!

What do we offer?

In our online store you can find a wide selection of products equipped with DTG printing and embroidery, as well as high-quality RollZone toys!

In addition to high-quality women's, men's and children's clothes, you can find headwear, thermos mugs, protective phone covers and much more tilpehoör!

You can choose from our pre-designed products or design your own by sending a message!

Where are the products manufactured?


Our print products are made, packed and sent directly to the customer from our partner's factory in Latvia!

In addition to their strict quality control, we have personally tested (or tested with wives and children) each of our product groups!

So we can proudly stand behind our words when we say that our products are of very high quality!

Depending on your location, our delivery times are 8-11 business days from the order.


We recently added super fun and high-quality RollZone toys to our selection!

The toys we sell are delivered directly from the manufacturer's factory in Holland. You can also get spare parts and accessories through us!

Check out our toy selectionfrom THIS LINK!

Environmental friendliness

Each of our products is made to order and some of our products are also made from recycled materials!

The dyes used for our DTG prints are OEKO-TEX® certified, i.e. they do not contain chemicals and dyes harmful to health or presumably harmful to health.


As family people, we want to help the most important moments in the lives of the less fortunate little ones, namely the first ones!

For every baby body sold, we donate €2 to Kummit Ry's general collection.

The general donations made to the sponsors (i.e. donations not identified to a specific target) are divided in such a way that 30% goes to the Children's Diseases Research Foundation and 2/6 of the remaining income goes to the Children's Clinic in Helsinki and 1/6 to the children's clinics in Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Kuopio.

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